I've been testing your app for a few days in our store, and I think it's great.

I submitted a few bugs:

  1. The customization option text is only appearing on Mouseover. I submitted a video of this.
  2. The "Show Close Window" checkbox does not work.

Also, a few feature requests:

  1. Be able to add description text to the pop up window (and change default text if product is not customizable).
  2. Change color of price.
  3. Vertically middle align custom text.
  4. A way to note the options that were selected (Quantity, Color) in the popup window.
  5. A either/or option radio button. For example, user can have custom image or preloaded image, but not both.

Bug #1 is pretty big, so if that could get fixed in the next release, I would appreciate it. Thanks.