After installing the Customization Engine App (the "App") on your Shopify store you still need to run the "Setup" steps to actually see the "Customize It" button on your product pages. Depending on the Version of the App that you are using the process differs a little bit. Below are the "Setup" instructions for Version 2 of the App.

1- Go to your Shopify store's admin dashboard and click on the "Apps" link. Then click on the "Customization Engine" icon. This will take you to the Customization Engine App's dashboard.

2- By default the App opens the Version 1 dashboard. This will be phased out soon, but in the meantime go ahead and clik on the "Use Version 2" link. This will take you to the Version 2 dashboard.


3- Ok, now that you are at the Version 2 dashboard, go ahead and click on the "Settings" button, which you'll see in the top right are of the screen (highlighted below). This will take you to the Version 2's Setup page.

4- On the Setup page you'll see the 2 Steps required to add the "Customize It" button to your product page.

Follow the 2 steps mentioned in this page. Step 1 is clicking on the link that says: "Click here to add the "cev2-button.liquid" snippet to your current theme." After you click this link you will see a loading icon, which means the app adding the button code to your active theme. Once the App finishes this process you'll see a message saying "Succesfully added the "cev2-button.liquid" snippet to your active theme.".

You can now proceed to Step 2 which begins by selecting, with your mouse and cursor, the text in the text box right below the "Step 2" instructions. Once you select the text / code, copy it to your clipboard. You'll take that code and put it in the "product.liquid" file of your store's active theme. It's easy, we'll show you how to do it, keep on reading below.


5- On the Shopify's left sidebar menu, click on the link that says "Online Store". The sidebar menu will expand and show another menu. Click on the link that says "Themes". This will open the Shopify's "Themes" page. The main element in this page is your active theme, that means, the theme your Shopify store is currently using. Click on the button with the ellipsis (the three ... points) to open the theme's options menu. In the dropdown menu, click on the link that says: "Edit HTML/CSS". This will open your store's active theme files.

6- On the active theme's files page, go the list of files, locate the "product.liquid" file and click on it. This will open the "product.liquid" file in the html editor.

7- Now that you have the "product.liquid" file open in the editor, find the "Add to Cart" button and paste the code you copied before next to it. Remember the code? It was like this: "{% include 'cev2-button' %}". After pasting the code, click "Save" to apply your changes.

Shopify themes vary a lot, so your "Add to Cart" button's html code may vary from the example below. But it'll say "Add to Cart" or something to that effect.

8- The actual code for the "Customize It" button is in your active theme files, in the "Snippets" section and it's called "cev2-button.liquid". You can make changes on this file to change the text or aspect of the button to better match your current theme.


After this setup if you go to one of your storefront's product pages, you should see the "Customize and Add to Cart" button there.