Installing the Customization Engine App on your Shopify store is very easy.

1- Go to your Shopify store's admin dashboard and click on the Apps link. Then click on the "Visit the App Store" button.


2- One you are in the Shopify App store, enter "Customization Engine" on the search box. Several options will dropdown, click on the link corresponding to the "Customization Engine" App, the one with the green "CE" icon.


3- On the Customization Engine page you'll see a description of our app. Please review the information on that page and when you are ready to continue click on the big green "Get" button.


4- You'll go to the Installation page, which will show you the areas / data of your store that the Customization Engine App needs access to. Click "Install Customization Engine" to continue with the installation.


5- And that's it, now you have installed the Customization Engine App on your Shopify store. Now you are ready to Setup the App, or just start making your Customization Templates.