For months many users have been asking for the Image Rendering feature. That is a feature that creates an image of the customizations. Right now you can recreate any customization going to an order page and clicking on Apps -> Recreate Customization. That link will take you to a page like the image below:

As you will notice this recreation is made in html and it's an exact replica of the widget your customer saw when she put the order. But some of you need the customization in image format so you can automate the fulfillment process. Otherwise you would have to open your Photoshop and recreate the customization line by line.

Well, that feature is almost ready and you can test it now. Just click on the Render Images link that you see in the above picture and you will go to a page like this one:

What you will see there is an actual image of the customization! You can click on the Download it link and save to your computer. You might notice that I said this feature is almost ready. If it isn't fully ready then why did I publish it now? This is what many people call a Minimum Viable Product, it will work well for the most basic stuff but still needs a little refinment. I am announcing this MVP because rirst I want to get your comments on how it feels and what it does so I can implement those. And second because this feature will be part of another subscription plan that we will implement and will be more expensive that the basic plan we have now. The good news is that if you activate your subscription now and use this feature you will have this feature unde the plan your have right now. So don't procrastinate, come activate your subscription and use this feature now before we push the new plans next week.

Thank you!