Is there any support for this App whatsover?? I have posted multiple questions on this forum and have emailed support multiple times as well as within the support tab of the app. I am unable to launch my shopify store until I troubleshoot these two questions. I have paid the subscription fee for months for this app and am wondering if I should drop it all together and try and find another option. Can anyone help me with these questions or point me to somewhere that can?

Question #1

I need to have the ability for the user to select a product from a drop down and whichever product they choose the image of the product appears along with the respective customization fields available. I would like to have this done on one page. If needed it could be broken up into two pages where the customer selects the product from a drop down and is brought to the respective product page with the customizing fields. An example of this functionality is (Product image varies depending on which state the customer chooses). Is this possible to configure? What are the options available.

Question #2

Product customization options. My main question deals with the image upload capabilities. Is there an ability for the image upload to a have cropping option for the customer? The flow would be customer uploads their image>then has the option to crop the image. The functionality would be similar to this site

Any help is much appreciated.