Hi Luis,

Donna again :) I tried writing support@customthingy.com and the email bounced back.

I have a couple things I need to accomplish on our site custom-silicone-bracelets.myshopify.com

First question: Will CE work with BoldApps "Quantity Breaks"? I havent' been able to figure out how to add in price breaks based on how many a user selects (the more they buy the cheaper per item) I know your how-to says that the Quantity Break works with the "quantity" feature in shopify?

Also what would be the best way to have the band color change (we have a couple dozen band colors they can choose from) - would I need to add an alternate template for every band color?

The big announcement you mentioned in a response to my earlier post.. that coming soon? :)

Thank You!!

Love this product!

Donna 'SnowWrite' Snow

Technology Lead


custom-silicone-bracelets.myshopify.com <-- coming soon