In the old days (well not so old) on Shopify it was a pain in the neck (impossible really) to setup taxes on a per-product basis. This made a hard time to setup taxes on a per-vendor basis, which is a necessity in these days when it is very frequent to have different vendors on our store. For example, if you are located in Georgia (US) you usually charge sales taxes to customers from that state. But now you found a good vendor from Floria who wants to sell her products on your store. Which sales taxes do you have to charge? Logic tells that since the vendor is in Florida you charge Florida sales taxes. But with the old Shopify taxes that was impossible, so you had to enter into a weird agreement with the vendor and charge taxes as per your state because taxes in Shopify were rigid.

Good news! Not anymore, Shopify just introduced their Taxes Override which will let you set different tazes on a per-collection basis. Check out their official article here: