This is the first published post of the forum and I thought it'd be interesting to start with a little history of the Customization Engine app for Shopify (CE). Believe it or not the customization code originated from one of my first Facebook apps. Yes, I also fell into the Facebook wagon for a while, please don't judge me. I used to sell a Facebook pages app that page owners used to design memes (no judgement please) that the page members could customize and share on Facebook.

I met a colleage who knew a Shopify store owner that needed something like that but applicable to products. They needed not only to allow their customers to customize their products but to be able to see the customization as well. The first version of CE was my Facebook app implemented as a private app for this client who still uses it as of today (although recently I convinced him to transfer to CE for an eternal subscription at no cost :) ). Here is a screenshot of one of his products:

I remember coding this app and thinking to myself how useful it'd be for other store owners. By those days I was running a website called in which we used to sell t-shirts. Honestly, the desings weren't stellars and sales before offering customization were very low. After implementing a customization app on the store sales increased significantly. It was then when I realized the impact of offering customizable products to your customers. It was around april 2013 when I decided to start coding what is now the Customization Engine for Shopify.

By the beginning of June I had a good working version of the app. Just by coincidence I started doing some custom work on the's store. Without knowing the owner of the store asked me if I knew about an app to design customizable products. Before CE he was using the great Product Options, from the awesome developers at Shappify. I talked to him about CE and he went for it right away. Although his implementation has changed a little bit over time it's still basically the same. Here is a recent screenshot:

The next customer of CE was and theirs is actually one of the best implementations I have seen of the app. They first used the app while it was still in beta mode on Shopify and the tools were very very basic. One thing that surprised me was how they used masks and the background image to show the state of the customizations. It really rocks! Here is a recent screenshot of one of their products:

Awesome right!

So, after months working on the Customization Engine for Shopify I'm more excited than ever about this project. With this forum I'd like to open a channel to share ideas and tips and to spread the impact of customizable products with more online stores.

What's your story?